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My Husband, my ROCK...

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Oh how we have gone through so much. And how I can't wait to continue this thing called LIFE with you. Our life together has always been full speed. And I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.

When we met you were just starting your nursing career. We were both in toxic relationships. And I had my first job out of college. There was something about you that I was drawn to right away. Your loyalty, your drive, your work ethic, your morals, ok... and some muscles.

I supported you when you were in nursing school. Then you supported me when I quit my job and started my first business "Kelly's Fit Lifestyle" as a personal trainer. We got married and moved into our current house today. You renovated the barn in the back into my kick butt studio. And moved ALL of the machines I bought into the studio. Through out the years you have helped move the machines to fit in new ones and move old ones out. I'm sure we will have to move them again and again. You never complain, you just buckle down and make it happen.

That personal training business supported us as you went back to school to become a Nurse Anesthetist because you were unable to work during the program. We made it work. It was challenging financially. But we lived in our means.... All we needed was food, shelter, love, God, and support of each other. And that was all we did. We didn't go buy stuff that was on our want list. You actually sold your Jeep and got a cheap old Ford Focus; knowing I wouldn't be able to afford a 400-500 dollar car payment. It would cause unneeded stress. You still continue to drive that ford focus back and forth to work, why not it is paid off, great on gas, cheap maintenance. You don't care what others think of you because of it.

The importance of why I like living a low stress, below my means life. During your school the devastation of my dad's suicide. I wasn't sure how I was going to get past this. This was a very low point. You were there. You helped me stand back up after that. I could have stopped training clients if I needed to. We could have lived off our emergency fund when this happened until you finished school. But why, this terrible thing happened and that would not fix it. This is what I struggle with.... NOTHING will bring him back, nothing. I will have a hole in my heart for life. I have to live with this. I have to get past this. But having a low stress with finances helped a tremendous amount. It took a little weight off my back. Because we both lived a responsible life financially. We were preparing our life for success. We try not to make additional unneeded stress; therefore, we live below our means. "Things" are just temporary and instant gratification... and go away just as fast.

We have disagreements. But you NEVER let me fall. You hold me up in every way.

I just want you to know how thankful I am for your kindness and your support. We get each other back on track.

We survived and continue to survive the devastation. You were done with school. We made it past another challenge. Then a month later we found out I was pregnant. The joy, the excitement, the next chapter. Finally a feeling of pure happiness. You were done with school and I was pregnant. I was back on top of the world. Then our beautiful son entered our lives. Love for a child is unconditional.

We live a simple life... we stay away from drama... we are happy where we currently are... but we continue to strive for more, for each other, for our family, for ourselves. And we support that as a family, as a couple. Life makes our relationship stronger. Life brings up together.

Then another curve ball our way. Miscarriage into our rainbow baby into postpartum depression. But was my depression from PP or was it PTSD from my dad. Depression seemed to happen around my miscarriage then into full swing after giving birth to Annabelle. Then I knew I needed help. You were there beside me the whole time. We were both scared because of the suicide of my dad. I don't want my kids to ever feel that pain. We got me help. Thank you for not belittling me... but giving me help in every way you could.

We all come from different backgrounds but LIFE brings us together. I'm so thankful for this man I call my husband. Love those around you. Show them love. Let them know they are loved.

With LOVE,

Mama Bear

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