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About Mama Bear Domain

I am a Life Coach for Moms. My name is Kelly Hater and I have over 15 years of coaching experience along with a B.S. in Health Promotion specialized in Exercise Science.

I specialize in helping clients overcome mom burnout, providing a clear, decisive plan that leads my clients on a path of success. My clients no longer let mom guilt steal their identity and goals. Moms deserve to be happy and live a fulfilling life. I personally have overcame overwhelming struggles myself. Get the accountability needed to take action. Book a Free Call Now!


I am a mama of two cubs. My first is my son, Jaxon, no more baby, now a man cub. Then my baby bear precious Annabelle. Happily married to my true love and AMAZING father and husband, Nate. He is MY support system of all my crazy ideas, my number 1 FAN, my love... no matter the obstacle I can count on him.

With LOVE,

Mama Bear

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Kelly Hater | Mom Coach and Family
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