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Mom Burnout: Does that make me a terrible mom?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Even when you are struggling with mom burnout, you are doing an amazing job as a mom. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Especially right now with a pandemic on our hands... the stress levels are even higher as us moms are now our children's teachers as well as everything we were before. You may feel overwhelmed, unstructured, imbalanced, lack of time, stressed, unorganized, even self loss. And don't forget about just exhausted. You are not alone. I have been there... Keep reading.

But now what? You are in the whirlwind of mom burnout they call it! How do you stop it?

How do you get back to a overall healthy well-being? Feeling structured, having time for self care, organized, well-being balanced, having confidence as a mom and getting back to how you imagined your journey of life, would look like as a mom.

None of this will just go away. This is life! Things don't magically get better, you have to work at it just like anything else.

Go Get Your #EmpoweringMyLife Guide to "Be Your Own Life Coach" inside you will find more details on all these steps below.

The steps I took to conquer mom burnout!!!

1.You have to work on your wellness dimensions! Looking at the wheel of life. Seeing what areas you are lacking in.

2. Look at your mindset. Do you want to grow? Are you coach-able?

3. Circle of control: you are in control of your own actions, your own thoughts, yourself.

4. Set goals-looking at your wheel of life. See where you are unhappy. How can you make that dimension score higher on your wheel of life? Set goals so you become more balanced in your overall wellness.

5. Journal to build self awareness

6. Take Action on your goals.

Following these steps you will see how you start to find yourself again... getting confidence back, feeling your well-being is getting balanced, stress is decreasing, feeling more organized.

It will take work. When everything is balanced then you have more time because you have a system put into place. Mama you can do this. Get started today!

If you are struggling with mom burnout and just want step by step action plan with accountability and support contact me so we can dominate your struggles together. You and Me VS your Struggles. Let's do this. Get that life back you are missing out on.


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