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What Mom's NEED to hear more...

We hear a lot of what should not be said to moms... which is common sense in my opinion. As a mom of two little ones, of course, I look tired; of course, I need to sleep; of course, I know they grow up fast; of course I know, I’m their mother.

Let’s look at some positive things that should be said....

You are doing a great job.

Your kids are awesome/adorable/energetic.

You look great.

It can be difficult some days but keep up the great work.

You are not alone on those rough days.

You are raising brilliant minds.

Everything you give up is noticed.

Your sacrifices are appreciated.

Your inner energy is radiating.

We love you and need you.

If you see sadness in someone’s eyes, tell them they are appreciated.

I saw a mom on Instagram struggling... I sent her a message just to tell her she was appreciated. She opened up to me and shared her struggles. Women and moms did the same for me when I was struggling with my PPD and it meant the world to me at the moment. KINDNESS... it costs nothing.

Being a mom is difficult in oh so many ways, but when I watch my son's creative mind soaring, I can't help but smile. Playing outer space in our family room, and pointing out all the plants, stars, and moons. When I see my daughter takes her first steps, I can't help but cheer her on. No matter how exhausted I am from managing her sleep issues from birth that are now sleep terrors and screaming spells that last for hours most nights. When she crawls over to me and barriers her head into me, she needs me, I am trying my best to stay strong for her and my son. All I can do is my best. If I am giving my best day in and day out then that is all I can do.

Some moms have issues that no one even knows because she is embarrassed to admit. When you see a mom struggling just tell her she is doing an amazing job. As a woman we need to tell each other when we admire one another. Go beyond moms, women, if you see an ANYONE that is inspiring, encouraging, supportive… tell them how much they motivate you and how you appreciate their kindness.

Tell people that are struggling they are appreciated, but even more noble is when a person is on top of their world in their life at the moment and you give them a compliment showing that you recognize their devotion.

Acknowledging a person’s achievements in different dimensions of wellness from family to finances to spiritual to intellectual is gracious. Praising someone else’s accomplishments will make you happier, give it a try.

I challenge you… give a person that you notice is struggling a small gesture of acknowledgment of how they are doing an amazing job or appreciated. Now the big challenge, give a person that you look up to an acknowledgment that you recognize them. They motive, inspire, they are a role model to many. You never know they could be struggling on the inside even though you may not be able to see it.

With LOVE,

Mama Bear

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