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Mom Coach Vision Board 2020!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

What is a vision board?

A vision board helps show you what you want and need to accomplish over the next year. It helps you stop and think. As a Life Coach for Moms, I recommend, in this hectic life the vision boards is a tool that can increase your sense of self-awareness for your goals. Bringing your mental images to reality. Pause for a moment to contemplate about how you want to feel, what you want and need over the next year. Envision your future. Visualize your goals and self-awareness. Reflect on your desired feelings. You then have a visible target for the upcoming era.

Why take the time to make one?

It helps improve your self-awareness about what you want to achieve, focus on, make a priority for the next year. Visualization is a very powerful mind exercise that can help you achieve great success. You want to think about how you want to perceive life. How do you want to feel over the next year. What material items you want to achieve.

How to make a worth while vision board?

As a Life Coach for Moms, I have my clients focus on the 8 dimensions of wellness when creating their board.

My suggestions are as follows:

1. Find a quiet and peaceful area in your home with no distractions.

2. Figure out if you want to make a digital board or a board you can hang up or set at your desk.

3. Focusing on the wellness dimensions (physical, mental/emotional, environmental, social, intellectual, occupational, financial, spiritual).

4. Find images that help you focus on your goals for that area. Go through every dimension. Find words that also spark desired feelings to help with your vision.

5. Find images that spark feeling for you. That motivate you or show how you want to feel when you accomplish your goals. Then put them on your board. They can come from the internet or a magazine.

6. Put together all the works and images in a colleague of your wants, needs, desires, goals, feelings to better yourself over the next year.

7. Revisit your vision board during the year to inspire yourself as the year progresses.

As the year unfolds your vision will advance along with it.

Check out Mama Bear's Vision Board for 2020 click here

A vision board will help you stay focused during the year on what is important to you. It is one tool to help you with all dimensions of wellness if you allow it to. Turn your visions into reality. Nothing is standing in your way other than yourself.


Mama Bear

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