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Time Management skills from a specialized Mom Coach

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Time Management skills I use as a mom, as a business owner, as a wife, and as a student. Time management is a challenge for me. There is never enough time during the day or week to get the stuff done I want to do yet still spending adequate time with my family.

#1 ORGANIZATION.... staying organized.

When staying organized and re-organized as needed saves me time in the long run. Organization in all aspects of my life. From food prep, organizing our family schedule, toys, storage, finances, etc.

-keep everything in its place

-get your kids to put away their toys, coats, shoes, etc. It also gives them responsibilities and teaches them to respecting their items.

-lead by example for your children

-budget is organized

This transitions into

#2 Eliminate clutter.

When my kids stop playing with toys or out grow them, their are two places they go... either in give away bin or for the classic toys I put them in storage bins in our crawls space. When it comes to clothes, I have a system and it seems to work. At the moment I am keeping most of the kid's clothes to give to family members who are trying to get pregnant so I can pass them along. The same goes for my husband and I, when we don't wear certain clothes anymore, I donate them. The less clutter the more organized I can stay. In many ways I am a minimalist to some extent. Yet still having dozens of workout leggings. As long as I have space and I wear them, they stay. When I stop wearing them they get donated. That simple.

(my dozen leggings come from...the link below )

#3 Prioritizing my time.

Everyone has the same time during the day, during the week... the month... the year. How efficient are you with your time? It is up to YOU. Think ahead. Get off the couch, turn off the TV... Your WELLNESS will thank you. Your family will thank you. Everyone needs SOME down time to compress. Don't complain about how you have so much to do when you binge watch TV for hours a day or spend half your day on computer search for nothing. Better yourself. Lets not waste time. Everything you do needs meaning. If you watch TV or search online, etc for down time, set a limit to it; so it serves the purpose it is supposed to.

#4 Multitasking

Using advanced technology to your benefit. When waiting for appointments or arrived somewhere early, get on your phone and pay bills electronically, make needed phone calls, plan dinners for the week. Organize your schedule for the next month. Search for coupons for our next grocery trip. Call a friend or family member you need to caught up with.

#5 Pick your battles

Determine what is extremely important to you versus what can wait. You only can do so much. Don't have DREAMS have GOALS. Make things happen.

#6 If you feel overwhelmed.... Re-evaluate your goals

Look at your dimensions of wellness; Physical, mental/emotional, intellectual, environmental, financial, occupational, social, and spiritual. Is there an imbalance? Work on your weak areas, you are only as strong as your weakness.


This seems to be the hardest for a lot of people. Help seems to get a bad reputation as if it shows weakness... yet it is the opposite. It shows strength. It shows you are trying to do better. Your family and friends want you to succeed. Give help when you can and receive help when it is in need. Kindness.

#8 Make a Check list

When I physically check or cross items off a list I feel accomplished, I feel I am moving in the right direction, I stay organized.

Most of these suggesting are going to very from person to person. Everyone has different visions. Different stress levels. Different anxiety. One persons mess could be another cleanliest day. If it works for you, then it works. I have piles of papers sometimes in my house but they are an organized pile. Just not on the priority list at the moment but I like keeping them in my face so I do them at some point.

With Love and Kindness,

Mama Bear

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