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Selling yourself short...

Are you selling yourself short? Do you feel everyone is taking pieces of you and you having nothing left? Do you feel mentally exhausted? So many people, especially mothers have this inner pain. Only YOU can set yourself free. Yes you are needed to nurture, to love, to support and cherish your babies and your family. Yet you are not invincible, you are a human being that still needs to have a stabilized well-being.

Sometimes going back to the basics is what is required to find that stabilization again. Focus on needs of your wellness dimensions and NOT your WANTS. So many people now WANT to much... take a step back and look at your life. What do YOU NEED.

No matter who you are... no matter your success, your wealth, your fame, YOU need to STOP and re-evaluate where you are and where you want to be. And the people that rely on you, like your children. Even if you have adult children they still rely on you but in a different way... I rely on my mom for motherly advice, for mental support... which includes spending time with my kids, her grandbabies so I can get things done and continue to run my businesses and go back to school to further my self-worth. As they get older it is more social, emotional, spiritual support. Adult children are now in charge of their own personal wellness, you need to step back and let them start to take charge. It can be hard but this is what is needed.

Of course when you have little kids they rely on you for everything... food, shelter, love, financial, spiritual, emotional, educational, etc. You see as you have young kids they rely on you for all dimensions of wellness. You as the adult and parent need to stay well rounded in all areas. Keeping everything in check which means taking care of your own personal well-being.

Look at what is important... if you feel overwhelmed, or as if you have nothing left to give. Take a step back. Re-evaluate. Yes this is very hard. What is important.... your well-being, your kids well-being, your families well-being. Everything else is a bonus.

Back to basics, check list...

1. You can only do so much...There is only 1 of you.

2. STOP and go back to the basics, survival basics for your family

-food, water, shelter, love.

3. Wellness dimensions of yourself

4. Wellness dimensions of your family

5. You need to start with NEEDS, then move to WANTS

6. Then grow from their.

7. Continue to re-evaluate as needed

We can all get carried away, but it is important to come back to your wellness roots, or you will get overwhelmed, unsatisfied, you will feel as if you have nothing else to give. You could be selling yourself short when you are overwhelmed, unsatisfied, imbalanced.

My personal evaluation several months ago when I felt I was being pulled in all directions, I realized I wanted to do something for me... my mind felt numb, I felt I was in a stand still, my mind needed a challenge. My educational dimension was very imbalanced. I wanted something new... a new challenge... my brain needed to be stimulated with new information. This is when I made the decision to go back to school. It was a decision that my entire family needed to support... my husband had to pick up my slack now that I have to study, do homework, and take exams. It was needed to work on my overall well-being as a mother suffering with post partum depression. To keep our family dynamics running smoothly.

I challenge you to evaluate your 8 dimensions (financial, emotional/mental, occupational, social/family, physical, spiritual, environmental, educational) and find where you are currently lacking in-order to acquire sense of gratification.

With Love,

Mama Bear

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