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Promoting wellness for the LIFE you DESIRE!!!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Confused about wellness? I will break it down for you so you will have the tools to live your desired life.

I have Helped many clients as a health and fitness coach for over 14 years. Now it is YOUR turn.

Wellness is such a broad term that people don’t realize how it affects your entire life. All aspects of wellness need our attention. You need to find harmony with your authentic self.

We will go through all 8 dimensions of wellness...

1-Physical health

Recognizing your need for exercise, sleep, and nutrient.


How you cope with stress/anxiety.

-keeping a positive attitude.


Cleanliness of your surroundings.


4- Social

Developing a sense of connection, belonging with family and friends. Support groups.

5- Spiritual

Sense of purpose and meaning in life

-Religion, meditation, self reflection.

-being in the moment.

Comment below and tell me, do you feel balanced in all these areas so far?


Satisfaction with your current and outlook on your finances.


Satisfaction and enrichment with one’s career


Expanding your knowledge and skills

-Continue to learn

Wellness is an on going effort to keep a balanced lifestyle.

Now you know exactly what wellness is! Check out some of our other blogs about

wellness | mom life | life coaching!

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With love,

Mama Bear

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