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Is it Colic or her Personality?

Colic or her Personality? My sweet baby girl is 10 1/2 months old and still does not sleep well. You can call it colic, teething, gas, acid reflux, etc. Whatever fussiness and screaming is... leads to very little sleep in this house for my husband and I. At least Jaxon our 4 year old does not wake up when she is screaming. It is not just the lack of sleep but the anxiety it causes listening to her scream.

To give you a run down of our bedtime was her screaming for about 2 hours every night from 7:30p to 9:30p non stop even with me going in her room. I would have to nurse her to sleep to just get her to stop. The first 6 MONTHS of her life. Plus there was hours of screaming in the middle of the night... it was always hard to get her to go back to sleep when she woke up.

We have tried everything from acid reflux medication, Tylenol, gas drops, food sensitivities, crying it out, we even take her to the chiropractor a specialists in infants. Checking her temperature, making sure she does not have a hair or string around finger and toes. But she seemed to be very uncomfortable in her neck. Annabelle was in me transverse; therefore, the entire pregnancy was uncomfortable for me and maybe even for her. She had no range of motion as she turns to her right side, we have been working on that by going to the chiropractor for several months now. She is getting better with that.

My upset baby girl! I love you sweety.

Believe me... I was not a fan of chiropractors but now I have changed my mind. I used to think who are they crazy people that take their babies to the chiropractor. And now those crazy people is me. She can now rest her head down on my shoulder. Before she would hold her head up screaming. I have seen some major improvements. Now we try to take her weekly.

My conclusion is: When something is bothering her... from her tummy to teeth to stiffness in her neck, she lets everyone know her discomfort. Yet everything has worked to some extent. She has improved greatly but if she has any gas she has a bad night. Or if she has a tooth coming in she is screaming and can wake up maybe 7x a night. A really good night for us is if she wakes up only 1-2 times. And goes straight back to sleep.

The screaming has taken a toll on my postpartum depression... Yet I have it under control for the most part. It is still causes me to get very anxious. I'm unable to concentrate therefore I can't get homework done or work on client programs. When Annabelle is screaming... I have her "scream it out" to a point. I had to come up with my own method because she will vomit when she screams so much.

She really does not like to relax, she seems high strung. This is just her personality. I first need to survive raising her then she will change the world. She is already very determined little rock star. She can already keep up with the boys. She loves to wrestle her daddy.

This 10 1/2 months has had many ups and downs. My kids and family are my everything. Jaxon is amazing with his sister and loves playing with her. Going from 1 to 2 kids was a lot harder than 0 to 1. I wouldn't change it for the world. The chaos is just a moment in time. Motherhood has been a surreal life experience, with the emotions, hormones, physical aspect... I'm learning daily to roll with the punches. I'm trying to take it all in because the days are long but the weeks, months, and years are so very short. Enjoy the chaos. Enjoy the mess, Enjoy the sleepless nights, Enjoy the baby cuddles, enjoy the teething phase, enjoy the tantrums .... because soon they will be little tweens, then little adults, adults before you know it. Some woman can't have children or the unthinkable; has lost a child.... Take it all in. Give your child a hug and a kiss... Not matter what they are going through they need and want you. Soon they won't need you.

I will keep working on my patience, my discipline, my mothering, my life. If it is hard to take one day at a time, then take one moment at a time. I have learned to still have "me" time. From still lifting, and getting out of the house by myself or with my husband for a date day or night. It isn't very often but I try to make it happen if my depression or anxiety starts to creep back. For example my husband worked and 8 hour shift then 3 12 hour shifts all in a row. Annabelle was teething and scream with little sleep and almost no napping. Very intense couple of days. Then My mom was here on a day my husband was off work so we went and looked at diamonds at Tiffany's and Stafford Jewelers to update my engagement ring ONE day. That just seemed fun to me at the time in need. It was just what I needed to find peace and relax. It didn't cost anything "YET" haha, but I felt like a princess. Thanks to my hubby. It is hard to not feel guilty when WANTING something for myself that I do not NEED at all.

YES, please!

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