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FAQ: How do you stay so thin now being a mom of two little kids...

In this phase of my life, being a mom of my two little monsters, going back to school for my masters, running two small businesses, lifting, being the CEO and CFO of "Hater Household", and some down time along with some laughter. I'm going to share what works for ME as "diet" goes. EVERYONE is different and has different goals and likes.

I love cookies, ice cream, brownies, etc. And I eat them. I also started to drink some wine/alcohol couple times a week. This is how I eat now and stay thin and lean. I lift for 45-60 minutes about 6x a week in the morning on an empty stomach. I want to get away with eating as much as I can and staying as lean as I am now which is my liking.

I have tried ALL the diets... name it and I have tried it. Now I just live my life but eat within my macro range. I make sure I get in all my needed protein and lots of veggies. And when I say macro range it is very loose. I weigh some of my food and estimate the macros in my head because I had been tracking macros for years. I know how to get away with what I eat.

To each their own. But this is how I feel the best. I have at LEAST one treat a day. Right now I'm focusing on my overall wellness. I want to set a good example for my kids that balance is key. With in this crazy fast pace world... it is ok to slow down from time to time and re evaluate where you are.

I wanted a mental break from the exhausting dieting phase. It is so nice not being a slave to food. Having the confidence that I'm in control and not afraid if I eat something I'm going to gain fat or not be able to stop eating. I'm never worried that when I do weigh myself the scale will be up or down. I stay within a 2 pound range.... and it feel amazing. There is a difference between obsessions/addictions and intense yet balanced. If anything is interrupting your daily life it is becoming an obsession/addiction. Healthy things can become an addiction also.

I used to get server anxiety when a gathering or party was in the future because of the food options, I knew that would be available. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stop myself from eating the food. I used to feel I would pace the food tables with obsession instead of enjoying the company. This time of the year with Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, and Christmas around the corner would be very stressful with "dieting" mindset. Now that I have found something that works for me it can be... joyful. Stop the "diet" mindset and start living your life with peace.

My Basic Tips:

-I do not eat my kids leftovers

-I do not snack just because my kids are snacking

-If I do the above then I cut some of the food I would be putting on my plate.... carbs or fat. But keep all my protein and veggies.

-I eat 4 meals a day (no snacks, maybe just a glass of wine).

-All my meals have protein

My objection may be different than yours as I'm sure it is. The ultimate goal is to stay well rounded, balanced, overall focus on your well-being as a human... yet keep working towards YOUR aspirations. We all have challenging days and situations we need to adapt to in order to live a blessed life.

Full of Love,

Mama Bear

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