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Fall into CHAOS!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

I have never bought fall décor before… I finally went to the store for a little splurging. Our goal has to always be debt free so I never wanted to waste money on décor for our house. Plus with 2 little ones now… I don’t want to have to worry about stuff breaking and them getting hurt. I went and bought a couple pieces that I can use for Halloween and into the fall. And a couple more Thanksgiving items stored in our basement for now. Now that we are getting super close being debt free, I’m going to be festive this year.

I want to share my festive décor… then I looked at the pictures… complete mess, my pictures do not look like those blogger’s with gorgeous spotless houses. My house is a perfect mess. Having my couch and chair all set with my cute festive pillows and my dogs pushed and smashed them in seconds. And my small mantel with dog food and treats all over it. With our one dog recovering from ACL surgery she isn't supposed to go upstairs so she is stuck on this level for now.

I live in a life of chaos. Husband works 40-50 hours a week as a CRNA (nurse anesthesia). My husband and I wake up between 4-5AM to exercise/lift. Before he goes to work… or before I have personal training clients. Then between, nursing Annabelle, playing with Jaxon my 4 year old, more clients, cleaning, laundry, and oh yea I am going to school to get my MBA. Plus just started Mama Bear Domain LLC for this blog and life coaching. We do everything ourselves we don’t hire any help to clean, or order those precooked meals, or lawn service. Life is hectic. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, BECAUSE WE ARE A FAMILY. We feel it will build a good foundation of morals and values for our children. Things are NOT GIVEN in this world you have to WORK HARD.

My most proud festive area of our home!

One wellness dimension is Environmental… keeping house clean and organized is part of this dimension, haha. Within the eye of the beholder, right! I’m sure anyone who walked into my quad level house would think… what a mess. We have about 1850 square foot house, three bed room, NO walk in closets, we all share 1 full bathroom upstairs but we do have a ½ bath downstairs on the main level. Our basement has lower ceilings so we can never finish it. Our kitchen is a tiny galley style. NO dinning room, no mudroom, no master suite, no playroom for the kids other than the family room and living area. I can't close any doors and hide toys. I know this is a phase in my life, I have found piece with it. We OWN our house!!! THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO US!!!!

Of course I want a bigger house, but bigger house means more responsibilities and more money to maintain/keep up. Stay tuned I will show you why my house is still MY million dollar house. If you are a gym junky, enjoy lifting, cross fit, you will be in love!

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