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"Diet Overload"

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

How many diets have you tried? How much weight did you lose? How many times? How much weight you gain back after “the diet” phase? What about diet maintenance? Or did you go back to your “old way of eating”?

Coming from fitness industry, I have seen too many crazy diets. It isn’t about the diet, it is about after the diet, the maintenance. Everyday life. It is about the big picture. Not the small microscope version.

If you do a strict diet “yes of course you lose weight.” But you NEED to have a plan after the strict diet, so you don’t gain weight back, duh! Come on people… if you can stay on your restricted diets then that is fine. Have a plan…. Just like you budget your finances. Budget your diet and maintenance phase. Reverse diet out of the extreme diet.

The best diet is one you can maintain, that is why I personally estimate macros and eat every food group. I don’t cut out any food group. This IS the “diet” I CAN live on, therefore, this is the “diet” I live by… Flexible Dieting or IIFYM.

The more extreme your goals are of course the more EXTREME the diet will be. If your goal is a 10… you can’t just give a 7 effort and expect to get 10 results.

I do have a more extreme view just because I have competed in the past… in order to get the super shredded physique on stage I had to give a 10 in order for me to get the super lean look. Yet knowing I’m not whiling to “maintain” that look or the Diet/Cardio to keep that look.

For me 0 out of 10 is… I eat everything in site with not giving a shit about my health, my weight, my appearance, my quality of life. I have NEVER felt like this. I want to have the best quality of life. For me to be shredded on stage I must give it a 10 out of 10. I love being shredded, I know many don’t like the look, but it is my body, my choice. Right now, in my life with kids/family/career/school/etc. I am super happy with my 8-diet effort to match with my 8-goal level. I don’t expect to have that 10 physique with only putting in 8 effort. This is my own personal liking. Not for you but me.

Bottom line… eat food/calories/macros/keto/dairy free/etc. that doesn’t cause bingeing “unnamed diet” that matches your goals and you can enjoy your life.

Effort=output results

AGAIN, Best diet is the diet you can stick too.

With the holidays coming… be mindful. Have somethings that are enjoyable… budget for it. Be more active, or eat less carbs or fat for breakfast knowing you have a party to go to that evening. Plan to go on a walk with your friends. Find peace with yourself. No one gives a crap if you eat the cookie… you are the one that feels guilty later. If you have a cookie…. Enjoy the damn cookie. If you budgeted for it or even if you didn’t. Life moves on.

Another topic…

What if you binge? If you binge/emotionally eat… Sit down and look at your 8 dimensions. Intellectual, Spiritual, Mental/Emotional, Financial, Occupational, Social, Environmental, Physical. Be honest with yourself.

What dimension is imbalanced? That is making you act irrationally with eating…. It could be several dimensions. It could be a small section of a single dimension. It could be a trauma. If you are suffering, don’t suffer in silence. Seek out help… to a friend, family member, professional, etc. Self-care. Don’t suffer, this life is too short live trapped in self-made cage.

Hope you got something out of it….

Mama Bear

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