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Christmas Gift Guide from my family to yours

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I LOVE Christmas and the Holiday season... it brings me much joy. Yet it can bring a lot of stress and emotions. You get to see all the people you love with all the gatherings. Yet it can take a toll on your finances if you are not prepared. I have custodial bank accounts for each of my children, that I put away some money every month to help pay for big items/events/school during the year. Therefore Christmas does not cause us financial stress because we are prepared for it well in advanced. Of course I still need to stay within my budget but we can spurge a little.

We are a huge fan of LEGO in our household. This is Jaxon's favorite toy and Annabelle is already trying to put blocks together or break what Jaxon has built.

The top LEGOs we are looking at are...

For jewelry lovers... get more for your money.

Blue Nile is where my husband bought my engagement ring and my wedding band. Plus I have bought some pieces here and there for gifts to family with my kids birthstones.

Lotion for the women in your life or your best friend. I love getting facial products. Check out Honest Beauty.

My favorite Legging/Clothing Onzie

For my Husband

American Fighter Clothing

I like what the company stands for.

Business owners, college students... get your supplies with the link below.

Going on a vacation to the beach for the holidays.... Need a new swim suits for yourself or the family? Check out South Beach Swimsuits.


Hear the Bible come to life

daily plans, love, wisdom, health, financial, kids. only 39.99 a year. Check it out for a gift to a love one or a family gift. You won't be let down.

Having a party... check out these cute party supplies. Use Promo Code: HPARTY20 until Dec. 14th 2019.

When using the links above and make a purchase you are supporting Mama Bear Domain... free Wellness Blogger.

Enjoy the Holidays!

With Love,

Mama Bear

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