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Annabelle's Big Day

Ending this week with the spirit element of wellness with it being my daughter's baptism this past weekend.

How I pray!!! When asking God for Petition or a favor.

I pray for the STRENGTH to get past difficult times.

-I don't pray for things to get easier

I Pray for the discipline from within to achieve my goals.

-I don't pray for my goals to be achieved.

I pray to stay positive

I pray for the will... the courage... the determination to achieve a fulfilled life.

The prayer I pray for, most often is STRENGTH...

Powerful Prayers.

Another item I pray a LOT about is Thanking God for the unanswered prayers from the past. I look back and realize now why so many prayer did not get answered. And if they did I would not have this wonderful life and beautiful children I have now.

I ask Him to show mercy for my soul and my loved ones.

To each their own, when it comes to God, a higher power, we are humans... we sin, we make mistakes, we need remorse. Keep your morals and values of kindness towards each other. No one is better than someone else. Keep the judgement to God.

Keeping that spiritual element of wellness balanced with in your life is needed for overall well being. Other spiritual components of the element is feeling of belonging.

Find a quiet place and spend time there every day.

Meditate or pray on the meaning of your life

If you have a religion, study and practice it.

Spend time appreciating the natural and simple world around around you.

Find like minded individuals to help each other thrive.

With Love and Kindness,

Mama Bear

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