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Groin Sorokin
Groin Sorokin

Windows 7 Ultimate Black Edition 32 Bit Iso LINK

Illuminator HXP 120 V (D) inclusive built in power supply, lamp module and infrared filter. Fluorescence light source with motorized brightness switch and integrated motorized shutter, that works stepper motor controlled, fast and vibration free. With CAN connection for switching the shutter and the motorized brightness switch via ZEN (blue edition) and ZEN 2 (black edition). Interfaces: - 1x CAN (CAN-HD15) - 1x Trigger in (BNC) - 1x Trigger out (BNC) - 1x EXT (BNC) for remote control unit The package includes light guide, cable BNC and cable CAN.

Windows 7 Ultimate Black Edition 32 Bit Iso



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