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Pokemon Moon 3Ds Rom Download

Nintendo's boss first addressed the question of how big the Virtual Console is in terms of revenue by stating that download sales have grown - but crucially didn't reveal what slice of that pie was down to retro games:

Pokemon Moon 3Ds Rom Download

Regarding your question on the scale of Virtual Console title sales, the download sales as a whole for this (75th) fiscal year are 31.3 billion yen, and I have shared publicly that this is a 30 percent increase from the last fiscal year, but we have not disclosed the individual sales of Virtual Console titles only.

Understandable, but may I suggest using all that hard-earned money to expand on human resources? Hire some more people, people specific to a certian task. I mean, how hard is it to spend some of that extra cash (I know you have it ) to get more people working on the VC? It's not like there's a shortage of programmers and game designers today.I more or less don't care for the obscure and lesser known titles, but give us all those big-hitters from back in the day. The popular games, the ones sporting the mascots. Those should be high up on the list as the main priority to release before everything else. There are still a bunch of Mario games missing. After all this time, it's still undoubtedly a pretty weak list, imo..What happened to the N64 VC? And no mention of GameCube games, yet Wii games can be downloaded -.-

Here's some of what vc is missing and could be: operation wolf- ninja warriors- bubble bobble- space invaders- rainbow islands- outrun- pitfall- pitfall II- river raid- kaboom- megamania- freeway- asteroids- tempest- Qbert- popeye- cobra triangle- centipede - millipede - Missle command- yars revenge- nights into dreams- jet set radio- Daytona USA- sega rally champ.- zoo keeper- zaxxon- Congo bongo- jungle hunt- star castle- dragons lair I&II- space ace- frogger- scramble- time pilot- super cobra- pooyan- spy hunter- marble madness- defender- joust- robotron 2084- crazy taxi- Ecco the dolphin- house of the dead 1,2,3,4- gauntlet I&II- virtua cop 1&2- virtua racing- virtua fighter 2- virtua tennis- World Series baseball- arkanoid- hydro thunder- San Francisco Rush 2049- paperboy- Raiden- carnival- 1942,1943,1945-gunstar heroes- afterburner - power drift- toe jam & earl- UN Squadron - side arms- black tiger- super breakout- warlords- Seaquest- air/sea battle- Qix- Rtype- galaga 88- rolling thunder 1-3- root beer tapper- phelios- galaxian - rad racer- xybots- primal rage- HERO- NARCS- splatterhouse 1-3, xenephobe- wizard of war- gorf- caveman ninja- secret agent- burgertime - sunset riders- final fantasy series- phantasy star 1-4, shining force series- crusiin USA, crusiin the world, alien crush- devils crush- congo's capers- steel empire- klax- Tetris- plant vs zombies- thunder force series, minecraft- castle of illusion Mickey Mouse- Alex Kidd- Darius twin - super hang on- cadash - sagaia- roadblasters - Road rash- strider - mercs- commando- insector X- musha- columns- battle zone- moon patrol- silent scope- sega GT- Mars matrix- giga wing 1&2- this people, is just a sample of what the virtual console could be!! To me Nintendo is blowing it big time!!! There are THOUSANDS of classics out there. They just have to look & track them down and then open up their damn checkbook!!!! Contact sega! Contact Atari! Contact Warner bros/Midway etc etc!!!

Also, Nintendo needs to develop an emulator for each platform, for each new destination hardware. 3DS is nothing like Wii U for instance. Every emulator is tuned for each game. You are downloading the emulator and the game.

Take on the role of Tao, a young magical student trying to master the Magical Arts. One day, the Demon Seal from a faraway Monster Tower cracked and let loose hoards of ferocious ancient monsters. In Tao's village, the village of the Bente Island, an extremely powerful monster curses the townspeople, including Tao's family, turning them all into stone. Tao must find a way to master the art of magic, repair the Demon Seal, destroy the curse and save his family. In order to break the curse, Tao must find the monster egg of the ancient monster that cursed his family, Straitser. With that egg, he can return to the village and the last remaining elders can break the evil curse, although if Tao does not return by the next full moon, the curse will never be broken. [Konami]

(Known as "Left or Right Ambidextrous Challenge" in the UK/EU) Use the Touch Screen in 15 different mini-games based on speed, accuracy, association, recognition, memory and strategy. Games include: Connect the Dots, Pop the Balloons, Feel the Music, Hit the Monsters, Touch the Green Square, Save the World, Open the Safe, Trace the Shape, Navigate the Maze and many more. Book-style play has you flipping the DS over and around to develop your hand-eye coordination with both left and right hand. Master 4 single player game modes: Hand Exercises, Balance Check, Left Hand vs. Right Hand and Ambidexterity Check. Challenge a friend to 2-player mini-game tests via DS download play. Practice any activity, over 5 difficulty levels, to prepare for ambidexterity tests. Monitor personal progress and assess improvement with development percentages for each hand that appear after play. [Majesco]


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