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Read I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak Online or Download in PDF Format

I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak: A Book Review

If you are looking for a book that will challenge you, inspire you, and make you think, then you should read I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. This is a novel that tells the story of Ed Kennedy, a nineteen-year-old cab driver who lives a mundane life in a small town in Australia. His life changes when he receives a mysterious card in the mail with an address on it. He decides to follow the card and finds himself in a series of missions that involve helping strangers in various ways. Along the way, he discovers more about himself, his friends, his family, and his purpose in life.

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In this article, I will give you a brief summary of the book, an analysis of its themes and messages, an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses, and a conclusion with my personal recommendation. I will also show you how to download I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak for free in PDF format, if you are interested in reading it yourself. Finally, I will introduce you to some other books by Markus Zusak that you might enjoy.


The book is divided into four parts, each corresponding to a suit of cards: diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts. Each card has an address or a name on it, which leads Ed to his next mission. The missions range from stopping a rapist, to teaching a priest how to preach, to playing cards with an old lady. Ed does not know who is sending him these cards or why he is chosen to be the messenger. He only knows that he has to follow them and do what they say.

As Ed completes each mission, he learns more about himself and his own problems. He realizes that he has low self-esteem, that he is in love with his best friend Audrey, that he has unresolved issues with his father who died when he was young, and that he has no ambition or direction in life. He also develops friendships with his other friends Marv, Ritchie, and Sophie, who support him along his journey.

By the end of the book, Ed has completed all his missions and has made a positive impact on many people's lives. He also finds out who is behind the cards and why he was chosen to be the messenger. He discovers that he has a special gift of seeing people's needs and helping them in simple but meaningful ways. He also realizes that he has grown as a person and that he has a lot to offer to the world.


I Am the Messenger is a book that explores many themes and messages, such as identity, courage, love, friendship, family, and social justice. Some of the main themes and messages are:

  • Identity: The book shows how Ed struggles with his sense of identity and self-worth. He feels like he is a nobody who has nothing to offer to the world. He is stuck in a dead-end job, he lives in a rundown apartment, he has no girlfriend, and he has no goals or dreams. He does not know who he is or what he wants. However, through his missions, he discovers that he has a unique talent and a special role to play in the world. He learns that he is not defined by his circumstances, but by his actions and choices. He learns to accept himself and to be proud of who he is.

  • Courage: The book shows how Ed faces his fears and challenges himself to do things that he never thought he could do. He confronts dangerous situations, such as stopping a rapist, fighting a gang, and rescuing a girl from a burning house. He also confronts his personal issues, such as confessing his love to Audrey, standing up to his mother, and forgiving his father. He learns that courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to act despite it. He learns that courage is not only about physical strength, but also about emotional and moral strength.