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Enjoy the Full Version of AirTycoon 4 with Mod APK - No Ads, No In-App Purchases

Here in Idle Airport Tycoon, Android gamers will have their chances to start their own airport business and have fun with the relaxing idle tycoon elements. Simply start your businesses, make your quick decisions at any time, and let your business grow as you progress in the game. Unlock plenty of important research and upgrades so you can make it further into the game.

air tycoon 4 mod apk

Fans of the classic gameplay of idle simulation will certainly find Idle Airport Tycoon to be absolutely amazing, thanks to its addictive gameplay and in-depth elements. Feel free to explore the amazing airport tycoon stories. Enjoy the amazing gameplay of airport management. Unlock tons of interesting airport upgrades. The list goes on.

The game has two modes: "professional" and "tycoon". In professional, everything is in real time. If it takes seven hours to fly from London to New York, it will take seven real-world hours in the game. In tycoon mode everything is sped up 7x, so a week passes in a real-world day.

In Airline Tycoon, part of an airline manager's job is to compete with fellow tycoons. They may be competing against you, but that's no reason you can't have a friendly chat with them once in a while. To do so, just click on one of your colleagues as you see them around the airport to start a conversation. You can also use a phone to call their office (assuming they're in their office) or you can call their cell phone (assuming they have one) that you can purchase at the Duty-Free Shop. If you get on their good side, you may even want to form a "co-operation" with them. Doing so means that they gain access to your branches, but that you also gain access to theirs. This co-operation can be broken at any time, if you so choose. The airline managers (i.e. tycoons) present in Airline Tycoon include the following:


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