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Wednesday - Season 1

On possible future seasons, Gough and Millar commented in an interview with Variety, "when we sit down to create a show, it's looking at multiple seasons, ideally. That's never expected, but that's the anticipation that hopefully the show is successful." They further stated that they had "a pretty clear runway" of how future seasons could unfold.[87] In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gough and Millar stated that the second season would expand upon the friendship between Wednesday and Enid while also evolving Wednesday's relationship with her mother, Morticia.[88] Preparations for a second season commenced in December 2022, following Amazon's acquisition of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.[89] In January 2023, the series was renewed for a second season.[90]

Wednesday - Season 1

Wednesday Addams is a high school student at Nevermore Academy. As the daughter of Morticia and Gonzo, she has an unconventional and dark-humored sensibility that makes her stand out from the crowd.In season 1, Wednesday uncovers the mystery behind an ongoing killing spree that is terrifying her town. She also makes new bonds with her fellow high school students and practices her unique psychic abilities.

Now that we know it's coming back, it's time to scour the internet for other details about Season 2, like when we can expect a release date, who will be in it, and information about what will happen in the season. Since the renewal is recent and the show only came out late last year, there's not much out there, but we did get some scoop straight from the cast and producers.

The showrunners hope to reveal more about the stalker in the second season. "We know who it is, we can't tease who it is," Millar said. "We certainly have big plans and lots more stories to tell in terms of Wednesday and her friends." Gough said he can't share whether viewers have already met the person who is the stalker.

We are eagerly awaiting new developments for the relationships that Wednesday formed across the first season. Of course, there's the matter of Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), the seemingly harmless "normie" who became romantically interested in Wednesday but turned out to be the monstrous Hyde she had been after. Tyler, in his Hyde form, fought a wolfed-out Enid (Emma Myers) in Wednesday's final episode and was defeated. We don't know what's next for the character, but he ended the series waking up in a car, albeit in chains, which definitely left the door open for a return.

If you're looking for something similar to Wednesday to watch while you wait for news of a second season, take a look at this list of shows like Wednesday TV Guide has put together, which includes Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a show so much like Wednesday you'll experience deja vu when you watch it.

The season finale provides quite a few possibilities for who that stalker may be. It could definitely be a new character - or, given that the series is structured as a mystery, it could be someone that Wednesday had previously been interacting with all season. Could it be Sheriff Galpin (Jamie McShane) is out for vengeance after Wednesday uncovered the truth about his son Tyler (Hunter Doohan)?

Or perhaps it could be one of the background students at Nevermore. Curiously, one student named Yoko Tanaka (Naomi J. Ogawa) is listed in the main cast, but is given very little to do in season 1. Perhaps her role is destined to be expanded in future seasons of Wednesday.

When they return to the school, Weems immediately expels Wednesday. The principal is disappointed that her student didn't even try to cooperate with her, but Wednesday points out that Weems has been lightly shady all season (in response to Wednesday's impulsivity, but still). Wednesday asks for more time to prove that Tyler's mom was a Hyde, as her identity wasn't public when she was a Nevermore student with Weems, but Weems refuses, telling the girl to pack up and say her goodbyes before she leaves the next afternoon.

So Thornhill is the one whose been working with Tyler/Hyde, and the next scene we see is Wednesday confronting her that night (so much for that train). Thornhill's motive lies within the mystery of Laurel Gates, the sister of Garrett Gates, the anti-outcast assassin who Gomez Addams was accused of murdering. After Garrett's failed assassination plot with the nightshade at the Nevermore death, Laurel was presumed to have drowned. However, earlier in the season, Goody Addams pointed Wednesday towards the abandoned Gates home via vision, where Wednesday discovered that Laurel was actually alive and hiding the Hyde victim's body parts in the basement. So Laurel Gates was the one controlling the Hyde, but Wednesday had assumed that her secret identity was Kinbott when it was acutally poisonous-plant-cultivating Thornhill.

However, there is a chance that Weems could somehow return for Season 2 of this show populated with fangs, furs, scales, and stoners. Even Christie herself (opens in new tab) pointed out that we never see what happens to Weems' body after her final scene. Here's hoping that there's a spot for her once they announce a renewal. (Or if not, we can tune in to see Christie play the literal devil in The Sandman (opens in new tab)'s forthcoming season.)

Things are looking pretty dire for Wednesday, but she has allies on the way, with Thing breaking up Enid and Ajax's makeout session to rally the troops. (Even Eugene's on the way.) When she wakes up in Crackstone's crypt, Wednesday learns of the Hyde murders' connection to the prophecy that's been plaguing her all season. Turns out the Gates family have been plotting against the outcasts for generations, ever since Goody Addams killed Joseph Crackstone and "stole his land" to build Nevermore. Thornhill's big plan was to reanimate Joseph Crackstone by breaking the blood lock Goody Addams put on his soul, so he can take down Nevermore and kill all of the outcasts once and for all. All she needs is enough body parts for the reanimation spell, a blood moon, and a living Addams descendant.

Now, from the point that Crackstone rises from the grave, the finale goes a the rails. He immediately stabs Wednesday, since she's identical to her ancestor Goody, but Goody shows up because Wednesday's necklace can be used to conduit both visions and spirits. She tells Wednesday exactly how to kill Crackstone and heals her so she can defeat him. Questions I have: How did Crackstone get powers? Even if he killed all the Nevermore kids, what about all the adult outcasts in the world? Were he, Laurel, and Tyler supposed to go on a killing spree? How did Goody get the power to heal? When did Goody evolve from a spectral vision guide to a deus ex machina to heal Wednesday? If Wednesday will never see Goody again and all the visions of the season were there for the purpose of stopping Crackstone, will Wednesday have visions next season? The Tyler and Thornhill villain reveals are very well done and solid, but all the Crackstone/Goody stuff seems to have big holes if I think too hard. At least Goody's twist ensures that Wednesday, Enid, and Bianca (and everyone else) will survive for another season.

Excuse me for rushing through the rest of the episode, but the rest of the plot is fairly straightforward. Enid evolves from stealth-MVP to actual-MVP of the season, as my personal favorite character finally wolfs out and fights off Tyler/Hyde. Bianca enchants the Nevermore student body into evacuating the school (and we finally get to see her powers!). Crackstone sets the school on fire, fulfilling the prophecy. Xavier breaks out of the back of a squad car and goes to help Wednesday fight Crackstone...but Wednesday ends up shot in the shoulder instead and tells him to help the evacuation. Just when it looks like Wednesday's gonna lose to Crackstone's random superpowers, Bianca distracts him by stabbing him in the back (at least someone else jumps in the fight!), giving Wednesday enough time to stab him in the heart and send him back to hell. Thornhill shows up to shoot Wednesday with a gun, but Eugene unleashes his bees on her (there's a bit of comedy as she tries to shoot a swarm of bees), Wednesday curb-stomps her, and she's assumedly detained off-camera. Wednesday reunites with Enid and the rest of the students, and all is well.

The show ends with a sentimental recap of where everyone stands. There's a quick scene of Wednesday and Enid in Weems' office, as Wednesday praises the principal for dying for the one thing she truly loved, the school. Enid invites Wednesday to San Francisco, Wednesday thanks Bianca, and Xavier gifts Wednesday a phone because he thinks she'll text him, for some reason. The phone does end up being important, because an anonymous sender reveals that they've been stalking Wednesday all season, even sending a GIF of Wednesday getting a knife through the head. We also briefly see Tyler Hyde out, a hint that he'll soon break out of captivity, as Wednesday literally taunts us with all the cliffhangers, ending the season with, "I know the suspense is killing you."

With that, Wednesday's first season concludes as a fun, thrilling show led by Ortega's impeccable spin on the iconic character. Despite my own questions about certain parts of the show's lore (the whole Crackstone/Goody thing only scratched the surface), I thoroughly enjoyed the show and completely understand why it's still holding strong as Netflix's current most-popular series. All the streamer needs to do is announce the near-guaranteed renewal. Until next season, *snap snap*.

Wednesday realizes that Tyler is the "hyde," a monster that transforms suddenly and seemingly without its host's own awareness. Just as "scales" means sirens and "fangs" means vampires, "hydes" appear to be dangerous Jekyll-and-Hyde-style creatures. Wednesday, who has been throwing around accusations left and right lately, tells Tyler she thinks he inherited the illness from his mom, whose tragic backstory we heard earlier this season. She's even ready to assume he knows not what he does, until Tyler admits that he started to remember the attacks and that he got really into, as he says, "fear so primal I could taste it." 041b061a72


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