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Groin Sorokin

Private School Piano Vol.8 BASS BOOSTED

In the early 1970s, David Mancuso hired sound engineer Alex Rosner[18] to design additional subwoofers for his disco dance events, along with "tweeter arrays" to "boost the treble and bass at opportune moments" at his private, underground parties at The Loft.[19] The demand for sub-bass sound reinforcement in the 1970s was driven by the important role of "powerful bass drum" in disco, as compared with rock and pop; to provide this deeper range, a third crossover point from 40 to 120 Hz (centering on 80 Hz) was added.[8] The Paradise Garage discotheque in New York City, which operated from 1977 to 1987, had "custom designed 'sub-bass' speakers" developed by Alex Rosner's disciple, sound engineer Richard ("Dick") Long[18] that were called "Levan Horns" (in honor of resident DJ Larry Levan).[17]

Private School Piano Vol.8 BASS BOOSTED

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Bass guitar players who may use subwoofer cabinets include performers who play with extended range basses that include a low "B" string (about 31 Hz), bassists who play in styles where a very powerful sub-bass response is an important part of the sound (e.g., funk, Latin, gospel, R & B, etc.), and/or bass players who perform in stadium-size venues or large outdoor venues. Keyboard players who use subwoofers for on-stage monitoring include electric organ players who use bass pedal keyboards (which go down to a low "C" which is about 33 Hz) and synth bass players who play rumbling sub-bass parts that go as low as 18 Hz. Of all of the keyboard instruments that are amplified onstage, synthesizers can produce some of the lowest pitches, because unlike a traditional electric piano or electric organ, which have as their lowest notes a low "A" and a low "C", respectively, a synth does not have a fixed lowest octave. A synth player can add lower octaves to a patch by pressing an "octave down" button, which can produce pitches that are at the limits of human hearing.

Dylan formed several bands while attending Hibbing High School. In the Golden Chords, he performed covers of songs by Little Richard[24] and Elvis Presley.[25] Their performance of Danny & the Juniors' "Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay" at their high school talent show was so loud that the principal cut the microphone.[26] In 1959, Dylan's high school yearbook carried the caption "Robert Zimmerman: to join 'Little Richard'".[24][27] That year, as Elston Gunnn, he performed two dates with Bobby Vee, playing piano and clapping.[28][29][30] In September 1959, Dylan moved to Minneapolis and enrolled at the University of Minnesota.[31] His focus on rock and roll gave way to American folk music, as he explained in a 1985 interview:

Hi, this is a very helpful review, thank you so much! I have just purchased phillips SHP 9500 and they are excellent. I saw your comment about Sennheiser HD 598 as your personal choice, I am looking for second set of headphones for digital piano and debating if I should go with another set of phillips or should I get the HD 598s? Could you tell me what is the main differences between them in terms of sound and the bass, are sennheisers much more bass than phillps? I honestly think if phillips had 10% more bass it would be ideal for me, but I would not like more than that. Your advice is much appreciated.

Jaclyn has earned three college degrees in music, including a B.A. in Music Education form Mount Union, a MM in Vocal Performance and a MA in Music Theory from Kent State University. She has taught piano and voice to students from Kindergarten to High School in area Public and Private Schools for six years, as well as the college level. In addition, Jaclyn has maintained a private studio in the area for a number of years. She is a personable and patient teacher who is comfortable with students of all age levels and experience.

Kayle earned her Bachelors Degree in Music Education at Ohio Northern University. She has been a music instructor in the Bluffton , Ohio schools as well as Marysville, Saint Henry, and Ohio Northern. She is currently teaching at Kent State where she is also working on her Masters Degree in Performance. She has performed in groups of many musical genres including Concert and Marching Bands, Pit Orchestras, and Jazz Ensembles. Kayle has taught privately for many years and brings a extensive background of experience to her students both in woodwinds and piano. Sally Kish Piano, WoodwindsSally Kish earned her Bachelor of Music in Education from the University of Akron. She has been teaching music lessons for over 10 years for clarinet and piano. Since graduating college, she has played in numerous community bands and festival orchestras including the Canfield Community Concert Band, Three Rivers Community Band, and the Symphonic Anime Orchestra. For the past 5 years, Sally has been teaching music to students in grades K-8 in youngstown area charter schools for band, choir, strings, and general music. Sally started her Master's of Music Performance in Clarinet at Kent State University. 041b061a72


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