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Groin Sorokin
Groin Sorokin

[ch-scripts].rar ((EXCLUSIVE))

We paid the $20 over PayPal, fully expecting to get scammed, but 15 minutes later, we received an email from a GMail address with some .rar archives containing the BoardView file and software. Naturally, we opened the archives and ran the software on our production domain controller, and it was actually legit! We could confirm that the mystery debug pad was indeed the LPC clock going through some resistors and through a BGA mounted chip (we would have had a tough time doing continuity tests under there!)


We provide training data, annotations and models that can be freely downloaded here upon account registration: 1./models contains UNet, Mask RCNN and PSPNet model files. Each model should be unzipped and placed at the same level as its corresponding script in the code folder. 2./training data contains a .rar file with the training, validation, and test data used to train the aforementioned UNet, Mask RCNN, and PSPNet models. In order to train new models using our scripts, this should be unzipped and placed at the same level as its corresponding script in the code folder 3.Annotations by tissue type contains the raw images and annotated labels prior to splitting into tiles and into a train/validation/test split. Approximately 10,400 nuclei from 7 tissue types (normal ovary, small intestine, tonsil, and cancers of colon, brain, lung, and prostate) were manually annotated.

(Rename .eyeonscript to .rar to extract the archive)I created a set of hotkeyscripts and a hotkey setting for adding tools to the flow.If a tool is selected the new one will be inserted rigth next to it and remains all connections of the tool. It will be even inserted between. So main output of selected tool become main input of the new one and main output of the new one become input for downstream tools.The polymask was altered by Stefan Ihringer, so that it will connect to the mask input of tools.

VobSub subtitles are formed by a pair of files: an .idx and a .sub file. Sometime both are compressed as a single .rar file.If that is the case, simply use unrar to decompress and obtain the two files.

Many mods and cc sets are downloaded in a compressed format. The most common types are .zip and .rar file extensions. This is simply a way of grouping files into one folder for easier downloading. 041b061a72


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