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Everything we implement, we believe in challenging moms to be confident, we believe in support, we believe self-worth in motherhood is a must!


I help women to:
  • stop peeping in their pants during jump rope
  • feel and look strong
  • stand tall and feel confident in their body
  • make a complete mindset shift
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What Women are saying about Kelly

Being a stay at home mom of 4 and a ranch wife. I decided to hire Kelly as a fitness coach when my second child was about to turn 2. I was struggling with my appearance and more so my diet. While working with Kelly I built a lot of muscle, and also learned to track macros. While working with Kelly I learned to overcome my fear of food. I had struggled with binge eating for a LONG time. I was in a vicious cycle of binging and purging. When I learned macros and flexible dieting that left no foods off limits or “bad”. I learned to incorporate treats into my day and let go of the “my day is blown” mentality. Through my time with Kelly not only did I get a better physique, but I also got to start living again. I no longer feared going out to eat with my family after church or gatherings with friends that involved food. I would recommend Kelly to anyone looking to improve their over all health. She’s experienced, caring, and now a mother of two so she gets it!



I can’t say enough good things about Kelly. She is a friend, a mentor, like family but yet can kick you in the pants if you need it. She has helped
me realize that I can be anything I want to and has helped me through the most difficult time of my life. She not only helps your soul but can also make you beautiful on the outside as well. Love her to pieces. She is worth every butt kicking and penny. ~Lissette

My experience with Kelly was life changing. I worked with her as my personal trainer both in person and online. When I started with her I had very little knowledge on how to properly lift and execute a good routine for my goals. I ended up competing in the NPC 5 times and she programmed all my workouts and nutrition, it was a highly memorable experience. She was knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, a good motivator and a big support when the going got tough. She certainly kept me accountable and I was able to deliver on many goals. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone looking for some guidance and structure in their fitness life and looking to crush some lifelong goals!

~ Karla

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